Media Inquiries

All of our Pandamoon authors are available for interviews, as am I. Which side of the publishing rainbow do you want to know more about? Left, right, or anything in between. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions.

Interviews with Pandamoon Authors

The Pandamoon Authors are a fun and interesting group of talented writers who love to engage with interviewers. Our Pandamoon marketing team will work directly with you to develop the right type of interview for your needs. You may choose to ask your own questions or we can provide a list of questions and answers that our authors have already prepared. If you would like an author to write something for your media outlet, we can arrange that as well. Bring us your ideas and we’ll do our best to make them work.

Interviews with Our Publisher

If you’re curious about the perspective of a publisher in today’s ever-changing publishing landscape, let us know and we’ll arrange an interview with Zara Kramer, Pandamoon’s Publisher. She is often asked about what we like to see in a query, what factors we use to determine whether a manuscript is the right fit for us, or how to create a successful author platform. Engage with us  to get the conversation started.